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The public organization engaged in comprehensive research, popularization, and dissemination of information about the Chernobyl accident and its consequences for Europe and Ukraine, through the implementation of scientific, research, educational, cultural, ecological, social projects and initiatives, in order to prevent new nuclear disasters in the future. The organization is engaged in the protection of the rights and interests and provides humanitarian assistance for participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chornobyl accident and citizens affected by the Chornobyl disaster.
"Taking into account the difficult situation caused by the war from russia to Ukraine, our actions forward to Humanitarian Response to help the Ukrainian people and advocate and facilitate the fulfillment of, the rights of the most vulnerable groups in Ukraine with our project Help Chornobyl.
The other important areas of our activity are implementing projects that oppose russian propaganda, preserving the legacy of Chornobyl, using the latest technologies and innovations to achieve our goals, and developing the sustainability of our NGO."

You can read our updater strategy for 2022-2025 here.

Valeriy Korshunov
Head of the board "European Institute of Chornobyl" NGO
Humanitarian aid to Slavutych, aid to medicines to liquidators and victims of war, informing about Russia's nuclear terrorism
Today, Russia is committing acts of nuclear terrorism at the Chornobyl and Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plants. They are holding hostages, shelling stations, storing ammunition near nuclear facilities, and setting fire to radioactive forests - which poses a nuclear and environmental threat to the world. The world needs to know and respond accordingly.
We help war-affected areas with a large number of liquidators and victims of the Chornobyl accident, the timeliness of Slavutych, as well as areas that suffered significant losses as a result of Russia's war against Ukraine - Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Zaporizhia regions.
We have a large base of liquidators and victims who needed help before the war. Now that their health and lives depend on critical medications (insulin, thyroxine, etc.), such care is becoming very important, and someone just needs food and basic hygiene products.
What does HELP CHORNOBYL do in peacetime?
Involvement of lawyers, point financial support, personal assistance to liquidators in need, etc.
We help to organize medical support, payment for operations and necessary medicines, liquidators and victims of the Chornobyl accident, who cannot pay for themselves.
Elderly liquidators and victims sometimes find themselves in difficulties when there is no time to wait for help, so together with the Chernobyl-Fukushima Union we support liquidators with personal financial assistance.
Online legal advice and a database of up-to-date knowledge on benefits, pension transfers, and renewal of disability certificates. Advising in the preparation of documents for obtaining an apartment, land, etc.
We achieve the planned goals by implementing a series of projects. This is a list of significant Chornobyl projects for the last years:
Chornobyl at War
This project captures witness accounts of Chornobyl's occupation by russian troops in the winter of 2022. It compiles oral testimonies, photos, videos, and a chronology of events, creating a vital archive for understanding this critical historical period.
The Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum's digitization and online collection project, offering access to previously unavailable archives, aims to boost the museum's profile and engage visitors. Digitalizing and presenting unique artifacts online.
A mobile app-based interactive exhibition showcases russian propaganda methods, held in over 500 locations globally, attracting over 5,000 visitors. The app features 360 panoramas and AR/VR views of devastated Kyiv region cities.
Charitable social project to help liquidators and victims of the Chornobyl accident. Web platform for lawyer consulting, recalculation of pensions, payment for medical operations, and obtaining rare medicines.
A series of events, communication campaign and brandbook to honor the 35th anniversary of the Chоrnobyl disaster. More than 10 projects and events. 8 NGO partners.
8 mln people coverage.
International Chornobyl Forum was held with the participation of 10 international partners and more than 50 experts from 15 countries and a mobile exhibition about Chornobyl in 10 countries.
Valeriy Korshunov is the author of the mural at Chornobyl Power Plant station. The art piece calls upon the audience to look into the potential future of ChNPP, where up-to-date technologies, and scientific research.
The head of the Volunteer Headquarters for extinguishing the biggest fires in Chornobyl in 35 years. There was a dust storm in Kyiv, and radiation increased on the territory of the Exclusion Zone
The first official mobile application of Chornobyl - CHRNBL (Chornobyl APP). Explore the information about the Chornobyl catastrophe, visit Chornobyl remotely, get ready for the real trip to
The 2018 year. The first art rave at Chornobyl and presented a media-sculpture ARTEFACT in Pripyat at night. Huge project about media literacy and the information catastrophe of Chernobyl.
The first contemporary art and media-art exhibition about Chornobyl: More than 12,000 visitors and many positive reviews. The project proves that modern media art can be interesting and useful for a wide audience.
The first virtual exhibition of Chornobyl for 50 exhibits Artefact Chornobyl 34, with an online residence for 120 people, with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation During the COVID-19 Pandemic. MariaPrymachenko, Ivan Marchuk, Arsen Savadov, etc.
Ecological project with, local community engagement, education part and production of big media sculpture from recycled plastic

For the first time in the history of Ukraine, digital and new media art have its own platform for presentation. More than 50 contemporary works by famous artists from 15 countries were presented at the 700m² of the modern media gallery ARTAREA in Kyiv.

The first virtual exhibition of Chornobyl for 50 exhibits Artefact Chornobyl 34, with an online residence for 120 people, with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation During the COVID-19 Pandemic. MariaPrymachenko, Ivan Marchuk, Arsen Savadov, etc.
The National lesson of the memory of Chornobyl" for Ukrainian schools class from 1st to 11th grades was shown on 8 major Ukrainian TV channels and has covered more than 3 000 000 views.
Cultural and social music project in which Ukrainian and international artists recorded an album of 17 compositions on Chornobyl’s theme. All compositions are united by the audio library “Sounds of Chornobyl”
National record with the huge digital-sculpture "Chornobyl Lights" at the Exclusion Zone.
The National Flag Day and the Independence Day of Ukraine celebrated with a light-art installation of the Ukrainian flag on the Chornobyl New Safe Confinement (NSC),
also known as New Shelter
Making a digital bas-relief "Prometheus" at unique night event "Prypiat 50 years". Pripyat 50 years celebration for liquidators and former settlers of Pripyat.
At the well-known cultural event Burning Man, was presented the first art-project of Burning Man
with Augmented Reality.
It was AR-portal to Chornobyl
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